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Forum Lead: Sharon Walsh (Fidelity Investments)
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itag Digital Women’s Forum aims to connect women working in digital tech, encourage thought leadership, networking, and sharing best practices through discussion, company connects and presentation.

The goal of itag’s Digital Women Forum (DWF) is to empower women in digital tech by examining the unique challenges of working in and with technology to effect progressive change within our working and community environments.  

We host bi-monthly events, which may be in the formats of conferences, discussion meetings, networking mornings, masterclasses, and guest speaker presentations.

Our two main annual events are the ‘AtlanTec DWF Tech Afternoon’ which is usually in May and our Christmas Networking event which is held in the first week in December. 

If you are interested in joining itag Digital Women’s forum, please contact Jo via email


itag Digital Women’s ‘Coaching for Success’ Programme 

We also offer a ‘Coaching for Success’ programme.  The first session of the coaching programme is a ‘matching session’ to establish a rapport between the two parties to ensure they are paired correctly to be of mutual benefit.   Peer to peer coaching consists of two people with similar roles and skill sets, that are looking to gain or give support and guidance along a similar career path. We unite both parties with the desire to build a relationship of trusted friends and/or guides. You can think of them as an “accountability buddy”— someone to help keep you on track.

Research also shows that peer-to-peer coaching has proven benefits for both parties such as:

  • improved reasoning skills, social skills and organizational skills
  • increased self-esteem, empathy, and self-efficacy
  • improved conflict resolution skills, better communication/clarity and ultimately a greater feeling of autonomy and connection to ones’ work.

We all know that the best coaching relationships happen organically; however, if both people are committed to mutual reciprocity, accountability and collaboration, it can be a very empowering experience.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this peer2peer coaching group please complete an application on our Coaching for Success page.


Digital Women’s Executive Leadership Programme

The next Digital Women’s Executive Leadership Program commenced in November 2020.  The program comprises of six modules running over six months and is ILM certified (contingent on submitting 2 assignments).

As part of the program participants will take an on-line Emotional Intelligence (EI) Assessment and receive their individual and confidential EI Report. This is followed up by a 1-2-1 feedback session from the course trainer (a fully qualified EI Assessor) on the outcomes of the report, its application to the individual’s current work and suggested strengths and development opportunities. 




AtlanTec 2019 – Digital Women Forum Afternoon Tea

Carrie Budds from Quokka Wellness attended our AtlanTec ITAG Digital Women’s “Be Inspired Be Empowered” afternoon tea, in Hotel Meyrick.  Carrie’s blog post “We need to get comfortable being uncomfortable” gives a great insight into the ITAG Digital Women’s event and really captures the inspirational mood of the evening, thank you, Carrie. 

What our speaker Catharine Bowman had to say about the AtlanTec Digital Women’s afternoon tea:

“Thought I’d make a quick post about today’s events in Ireland – Had a beautiful time speaking on Galway’s local radio station regarding women (& all people!) in STEM with CEO and Co-Founder of Code Like a Girl, Ally Watson. Ms. Watson has been an inspiration of mine for the past few years, and over the course of this week, she has become an amazing friend and colleague. Later in the afternoon, Dad and I attended the conference ‘Digital Women’s Forum’ – This sold out event welcomed 200 men and women working within the tech industry. After hearing talks given by other speakers and being able to provide my talk on leadership & lymphedema, I’m feeling pretty moved to say the least. Thank you to everyone who has so thoughtfully supported my journey as a scientist & speaker – Today’s events were a great reminder of how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life”.


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ITAG Digital Women’s Afternoon Tea AtlanTec 2019

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ITAG Digital Women’s Lunch 2017


January 20 2021

Digital Women's Forum Committee meeting

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Launch of DWF Coaching for Success Programme

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May 15 2019

Digital Women's Leadership Programme

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December 5 2019

Digital Women's Forum Christmas Lunch

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