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- 13:30
Thu, November 25 2021

itag’s AI Summit

AI from Innovation to Implementation

Thursday 25 Nov 2021 10:00 – 13:30

10:00      Welcome – Prof. Michael Madden

10:10      Ivana Bartoletti

               Placing Ethics, Trust, Transparency & Explain ability at the Heart Of Your AI Strategy

Ivana Bartoletti heads up the privacy & data protection practice at Gemserv, leading on privacy and data protection, and helping businesses harness the data they hold. she works across all sectors, and also focuses on the privacy challenges surrounding the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. She is passionate about about the smart and digital economy, AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things

Ivana co-founded the Women Leading in AI Network, a lobby group of women from different backgrounds aimed to mobilise the tech industry and politics to set clear governance around AI so that it works for everyone and is constrained by our human values.

Ivana Bartoletti regularly writes and features in the media in both the UK and overseas, including the Victoria Derbyshire programme, BBC Radio4, the Guardian and the BBC world, commenting on privacy, data ethics and innovation. With twenty years of experience in international public life, including as advisor to the Romano Prodi government in Italy, she speaks at events and conferences on digital ethics, the governance and norms of AI as well as equality and international affairs.


11:00      Prof. Peter Corcoran NUI Galway &

               Gabriel Costache, Senior Director of Engineering @ Xperi

              A Collaboration to deliver AI at the Edge for Smart Toys

Peter Corcoran is a Professor at NUI Galway and one of the original founders of FotoNation Ltd, now a core technology division of Xperi Corporation. He is recognized as the #1 ICT researcher in Ireland:
He is a funded research PI in the SFI ADAPT research center ( ) and the NUIG lead -PI on the SFI Center for Research Training in Digitally Enhanced Reality ( ).  He is an author/co-author on more than 500 technical publications and co-inventor on more than 300 patents.

Gabriel Costache is Senior Director of Engineering at Xperi where he leads a team of experts in developing computer vision and audio technologies. Gabriel got his MSc degree in 2004 in Artificial Intelligence from University Politehnica of Bucharest and his PhD in Electronic Engineering from National University of Ireland, Galway in 2006. He has authored and co-authored more than 30 peer reviewed papers in technical journals and conferences, and patents in the fields of computer vision, audio processing and machine learning. Since joining XPERI in 2006, he has led several AI projects from concepts to market deployment. His work focuses on developing innovative AI technologies for the end user’s convenience while at the same time ensuring user privacy.

11:45       Edmund Sutcliffe

                Deterministic Construction Services: Why this is key to regulatory compliance and safety

The ability to reason about the behaviour of systems instantiated within regulatory environments is now the core of compliance cases.

A key approach to this is to have reproducible builds and verifications of the build and its behaviours.

This in turn has to be provided with a validation that the behaviours are aligned with the regulatory        environments within which these constructed artefacts operate.

When aberrant behaviours are discovered within the systems delivered, as all systems have a tendency so to     do, the ability to reason about there causes and verify their resolution while not being invalid within the regulation frameworks means we need a deterministic construction service.”

12:30      Panel Discussion: AI Innovations for Customer Engagement

Moderator: Karen Conway, Director Technology Management @ Fidelity Investments


Edel Kelly, Senior Manager of Development @ Genesys. Working within the field of engineering for almost two decades as developer and now engineering manager.  Leader in a globally distributed agile team of talented engineers working on the Predictive Routing product. Predictive Routing is offered as part of a suite of products that has pioneered the Experience as a Service concept so organizations of any size can provide true personalization at scale.

Through the power of the cloud and AI, our technology connects every customer moment across marketing, sales and service on any channel, while also improving employee experiences.

Emily Bailey, Senior Director, Data Products & Machine Learning @ Rent The Runway

Emily Bailey is the Sr. Director of Machine Learning at Rent the Runway. Her team works across the business to optimize both internal operations and the customer experience, with particular focus on relevance engineering and computer vision applications. Prior to joining Rent the Runway in 2020, she spent her career leading teams and solving data problems at Uber and cleantech startup Opower. Emily’s educational background is in Economics (Duke University, BS) and Computer Science (Columbia University, MS).

Fintan O’Malley, Director RD&I @ Fidelity Investments

Fintan oversees all R&D incentive programs at an Ireland and European level for Fidelity Ireland. His role encompasses the development of new services and products funded by , or initiated through  R&D including  the contractual management and protection of IP associated with same. With research collaboration forming a key objective of Fidelity Ireland, part of Fintan’s role is to build stronger relationships with research institutions and develop a framework for engagement to encourage new business opportunities across Fidelity’s many business groups globally. 

Fidelity have a number of academic collaboration projects under way with more in the pipeline, all helping to accelerate the drive towards digital transformation and the application of AI across the enterprise. 

Mainak Das, Machine Learning Architect @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Mainak architects machine learning solutions as part of rendering a digital customer experience to the large global HPE customer base. As part of Services R&D organization in HPE, he and his team research and develop scalable production ready AI solutions to provide cost effective customer self-solve ability, predictive recommendations in support and sales context and a personalized know me customer experience. Previously Mainak has worked on differentiated customer offering by predicting customer device failures and business analytics around customer feedback and support automation.

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