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In September 2000 ITAG was established by a group of forward looking IT professionals representing both multinational and indigenous IT companies. It was recognised by the founding members that a unique combination of economic factors and social conditions makes Galway an exciting place to do business, work and live.

It was equally recognised that this ideal combination does not prevail by accident but by design, and is not guaranteed to flourish without creative, committed and continuous planning. Through ITAG, the IT sector in Galway has been mobilised to play its role in shaping the future development of the region, both economically and socially. ITAG aims to ensure that the IT sector continues to thrive to the mutual benefit of those working in it and the wider community.

Our motto is to connect, create and compete.


Mission Statement

ITAG’s mission is to promote, strengthen and grow the information technology industry in our area. We recognize the substantial economic potential of building on the strong IT industry foundation already in existence and supporting the creation of new businesses.

In addition, we strive to develop a highly skilled IT workforce in the West of Ireland to benefit both existing businesses, and to attract new ones.

We aim to identify and lead on issues that affect our industry and to advocate initiatives which will enable the continued growth and development of Galway in a way which facilitates the growth of the IT sector.


Our Goals

  • To alert IT companies, nationally and internationally, to the fact that Galway’s unique combination of economic and social conditions serves the needs of the IT industry and those working in it.
  • To actively promote growth and serve as a voice of the IT industry in Galway.
  • To promote the desirability of Galway as a place for IT industry and infrastructure enterprises to start, locate, grow and prosper.
  • To provide a dynamic forum for the sharing of business and technical experience among industry professionals and to address challenges facing our industry.
  • To support the Galway IT industry in attracting and retaining high calibre IT professionals.
  • To support our members in marketing their products and services worldwide.