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ITAG Excellence Awards 2019
The Digital Project Award (SME)

This ITAG award is conferred on an organisation / group that demonstrate excellence in the planning, execution and delivery of a project appropriate to their business.  The nominated project may be internally focused (an ‘in-house’ project for instance), or externally focused (i.e. undertaken for a client of the organisation). The project must have been completed during 2018/2019.

Nominations should make specific reference to the following judging criteria:

  • Evidence of new products, technologies and / or novel approaches to solving the problem addressed by the project.
  • Evidence of impact to date of the project (this might include cost savings, new features, more timely information / results, new possibilities…..)
  • Clear benefits to the client in the near and longer term.

NB: Shortlisted nominees in this category will make a brief presentation to ITAG Members on Thursday 14thof March.

The deadline for submission is Friday the 15th of February at 22:00.

There will be NO EXTENSIONS to this deadline.


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