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ITAG Excellence Awards 2019
New Talent

This award recognises excellence in early career development and is conferred on an individual with up to three years professional experience in the IT/Software sector.

Nominations should make specific reference to the following judging criteria:

  • Career trajectory from joining the company to present.
  • Examples of special / exceptional performance(s) over and above expectation.
  • Awards / recognition earned internally and / or externally.

The central theme underpinning each award is excellence. As such, nominators should demonstrate that their nominee exhibits excellence – that of excelling, being superior, or being exceptional / outstanding….. –  in the category for which they are being nominated; thus meriting the award and associated accolade.  Evidence – tangible and measurable – is at the centre of a strong nomination.

The deadline for submission is Friday the 15th of February at 22:00.

There will be NO EXTENSIONS to this deadline.


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