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ITAG Excellence Awards 2019
The Technology Innovation Award (MNC)

This ITAG excellence award is conferred on an individual, group or organisation that demonstrates excellence in innovation – product or process innovation, for instance.  Such innovations will usually have a lasting effect, often distinguishing them from ‘projects’ per se; transforming how business is done, how products perform in the future, or creating new possibilities in the marketplace

Nominations should make specific reference to the following judging criteria:

  • New products, technologies or novel approaches to software development
  • Evidence of novel or transformative technology in a developed platform, product or service area.
  • Demonstrated adaptation to new business models.
  • Innovation in selling and or service provision (a new way of doing it).

NB: Shortlisted nominees in this category will make a brief presentation to ITAG Members on Thursday 14thof March at 17:00.

The deadline for submission is Friday the 15th of February at 22:00.

There will be NO EXTENSIONS to this deadline.


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