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Professional Coaching

February 26 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop, participants will leave with the following insights and skills:

  • Why taking a coaching approach to managing people is far more effective than the traditional carrot and Stick  approach.
  • Awareness that it’s the attitude and presence of the ‘Manager as Coach’ that lies at the heart of the effectiveness of the coaching approach.
  • Awareness of the Core Competencies of Highly Effective Coaches
  • The concept of “Coach as Architect” of  a High Performance Environment
  • The importance of Alignment of Employee and Organizational needs
  • Performance Management – Understanding why people don’t perform at their best!
  • The Three Levels of Listening & The Art of Questioning
  • The importance of a Coaching Contract and Designing Well Formed Outcomes
  • The coaching approach to conducting difficult conversations.


  • Program Background

    This program is radically different to all other offerings in this space.

    The carrot and stick approach may get employee compliance, but that is no longer sufficient to manage and lead today’s highly educated workforce. Providing managers and leaders with the skills to create an environment where employees volunteer their best contribution is what’s required to consistently win on a global basis. This experiential workshop demonstrates in a highly effective way the coaching skills needed by managers and leaders to create such a highly productive working environment.

    Managers and leaders who acquire the coaching skills offered during this workshop will have the ability to coach their employee to a significantly higher level of performance. Also, by integrating these coaching skills into their own management style, the managers and leaders will have the ability to interact in a significantly more effective way with their peers and their senior management colleagues.

    This program begins by outlining the benefits of adopting a coaching approach to managing people and why leading organizations are transitioning to this more effective approach to raising the performance of their teams. The program will also explore the significantly different attitude that “Manager as Coaches” bring to their workplace and the competencies needed to take a coaching approach to managing and leading people. 

    Pat Hennessy Coaching – Professional Profile


    Pat Hennessy provides quality one-to-one Executive Coaching, Career Development Coaching and Facilitation of Leadership & Management Development Programmes both within organisations and to individuals, throughout Ireland and overseas

    Over the years Pat has worked with a wide variety of industries, private and public sectors, multinational & indigenous, large and small businesses; has developed a high level of coaching expertise, skill and knowledge in addition to a depth of passion about coaching, leadership development, careers, communication skills and employee engagement

    Has a proven track record of being highly effective; coaching with uncompromising quality and total integrity.

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February 26
9:30 am - 5:00 pm